During the winter, it’s normal to find yourself surrounded by cold weather in the streets, giant coats, red noses, and frozen hands. Instead, could you imagine being able to enjoy this time with sunshine, the beach, and other activities offered by a perfect climate all year round? You can experience all of these things and more if you travel to Colombia. Escape from the winter and discover our wonderful destinations!

If you travel to Colombia, don’t miss Cartagena

Cartagena is the perfect place to escape from the winter for a change of scenery with its abundance of warmth and sunshine. It is a city that offers a mix of historical and modern influences, ready to be experienced by tourists that travel its streets all year round.

Enjoy its colonial architecture, vibrant nightlife, Caribbean beaches, and variety of festivals. As one of the most visited tourist destinations in Colombia, you will find a wide range of activities and experiences for all tastes, according to its perfect climate. So travel to Colombia and don’t miss this incredible city.

Travel to Colombia and discover Cartagena | Colombia Travel
Credit: Sebastian Sanint

Escape from winter in Cartagena, the city that offers a mix between historical and modern influences.

Activities and unique experiences

When you visit Cartagena, you cannot miss the most important historical sites, such as the Ciudad Amurallada and the Castle of San Felipe. Moreover, you will be able to encounter a unique place where African traditions are still preserved in gastronomy, music, and culture: the nearby town of San Basilio de Palenque.

If you’ve been craving a day at the beach, you must go to Isla del Rosario and Barú. These islands, in the Caribbean Sea, will allow you to get away from the city and enjoy the crystal clear sea, white sands, and unparalleled relaxation.

And, before you leave, don’t forget to try the gastronomic variety of this city. Be ready to indulge in it all, from international restaurants to typical dishes such as arepa de huevo, coconut rice, and sancocho. Get ready to discover all these flavors!

Cartagena de Indias: always colorful, beautiful, and romantic

If you travel to Colombia, enjoy Santa Marta and its landscapes

Santa Marta is a very dynamic destination, and serves as the perfect getaway from the winter season. Its main attraction is its breathtaking landscapes, which present a wide variety of colors. Furthermore, you must visit the Sierra Nevada and interact with the indigenous people that are found in this area.

It is a city where you can disconnect from the stress of everyday life with beach and cultural plans. So, when you travel to Colombia, be sure to enjoy the unforgettable landscapes and the unique activities that Santa Marta and its climate has in store for you.

Travel to Colombia and discover Santa Marta | Colombia Travel
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Santa Marta is the perfect getaway from winter thanks to its beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Activities and unique experiences

If you visit Santa Marta and want to discover its cultural aspects, you should go to the historic center of the city and tour its colorful houses. Get to know the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, the house in which Simón Bolívar spent his last days.

To escape the winter and enjoy the sunshine, you can also appreciate places like Tayrona National Park and Palomino. Here you will live the unique experience of lounging on the beach, in tranquility, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Lastly, don't forget to go to Ciudad Perdida, an archaeological site that belonged to the Tayrona indigenous people.

Soak up the sun and spend your summer vacation on Colombia’s beaches

If you travel to Colombia, encounter the beautiful city of Medellín

The city of Medellín is captivating for several reasons: its pleasant climate, its gastronomy, and the warmth of its people. If you travel to Colombia, you must visit this city, known for its spectacular climate during the whole year. Discover the city that has become one of the most important ones in the entire country.

Get ready to explore its museums, parks, shopping malls, and bustling nightlife. Take advantage of the special events that take place here and lavish in its tranquility, the weather of Medellín surely won’t disappoint you.

Travel to Colombia and discover Medellín | Colombia Travel
Credit: Sebastian Sanint

Enjoy a pleasant climate in Medellín, a city known for its gastronomy and cultural plans.

Activities and unique experiences

This is a city that will offer you activities that are both culturally-enriching and entertaining. Visit Pueblito Paisa, a replica of a turn of the century Antioquia town and one of the most popular attractions in the city. Afterwards, visit the art exhibitions at the Museum of Antioquia and then do the famous graffiti tour in the communes of Medellín.

If you’re hoping for a pleasant time with your friends and family you need to go to Explora Park, an interactive center that has more than 300 experiences, as well as a planetarium and aquarium.

And before you leave Medellín, don't forget to try its cuisine, famous all across the country. You can savor typical dishes under the sun, such as the bandeja paisa –consisting of rice, ground meat, chicharrón, fried egg, sweet plantain, chorizo, beans, and avocado–, the corn arepa, and the arequipe with brevas –a dessert that consists of splitting the early figs in half to put milk sweet in the middle–.

Discover Medellín, the city of eternal spring

If you travel to Colombia, discover everything Bogotá has to offer

If you want to enjoy fantastic weather without going to the beach, travel to Colombia and explore its capital. You will encounter people from all over the country and the world, a unique opportunity to enjoy this city’s multicultural diversity. You will see extraordinary landscapes through the eastern hills and, at the same time, admire the colonial houses that are still part of the city. All this with a perfect climate!

Being the city where you can make a stopover before going to the others, Bogotá offers tourist plans of all types. Be sure not to miss its museums, historic centers, gastronomy, night plans, concerts, and exhibitions.

Travel to Colombia and discover Bogotá | Colombia Travel
Credit: Sebastian Sanint

Visit the city of Bogotá and enjoy a wonderful weather without going to the beach.

Activities and unique experiences

Familiarize yourself with Bogotá through its cultural destinations. Visit La Candelaria, a historically significant area where you will find handicrafts and all kinds of activities. There, you can go to the Botero Museum, the Gold Museum and the Plaza de Bolívar. You can even visit and climb Monserrate during the sunny days, the most iconic hill in the city.

Once you work up an appetite, you should visit the Plaza de Paloquemao, the largest market in Bogotá. You'll be amazed by the variety of unique fruits and vegetables that you’ve probably never tasted before. At night, you can visit Andrés Carne de Res. This restaurant-bar has a unique atmosphere that is a must-visit for tourists.

As you may know, Colombia is a country that maintains a perfect climate throughout the year. So, if you travel to Colombia during winter or at any other time of the year, you can be sure that you will enjoy every activity and experience without a problem. Take the opportunity to escape from the winter and discover these wonderful destinations.