With beautiful hotels, an unparalleled gastronomic offer, and charming people, Colombia has it all! That's why we want you to enjoy what the most welcoming country in the world has to offer.  

We present you a list of 6 outstanding restaurants located in hotels that represent a selection with a lot of flavor, culture, and comfort:


1. Victoria Restaurant - Hotel Sofitel Victoria Regia

Bogota, Eastern Colombian Andes.


Dinner at the Victoria restaurant, Hotel Sofitel Victoria Regia
Credit: Hotel Sofitel Victoria Regia.


A Colombian French proposal that evokes flavors, sensations, and aromas of our territory with French avant-garde techniques that are the hallmark of the restaurant. Under the concept of Glocal (global + local) this restaurant invites the diner to live an authentic experience that brings an international experience for you. Victoria restaurant is talent and passion for gastronomy that surprises with unmissable dishes such as Pacific tuna, ceviche with fermented strawberry dressing, citronella oil, and crispy tapioca, cured trout with leeks confit, mustard seeds, grapefruit albedo, and hollandaise.  

For the sweet tooth, pavlova french-it pavlova of mint meringue, with vanilla basil cream, soursop filling in pink pepper confit of gulupa, is an exquisite taste, perfect to crown any meal and elevate it to its highest level. If you want to try a fusion menu with exotic touches, Victoria is your choice. Also, as an added reason to visit, Sofitel Bogotá Victoria Regia was the first hotel in South America to become a single-use plastic-free hotel. Bravo!  


2. Restaurant 1525 and Cayeye - Hotel Santa Marta Marriott Resort Playa Dormida

Santa Marta, Greater Colombian Caribbean


Santa Marta Marriott Restort: una experiencia gastronómica distinta, con una vista única al Caribe Colombiano
Credit: Santa Marta Marriott Restort.


A duo with lots of Caribbean flavors, the 1525 and Cayeye restaurants stand out for their influential preparations that masterfully combine the culinary ancestry of Magdalena with modern fusions; here you can taste the magic of the Caribbean materialized in a cuisine full of flavors, textures, and essences that elevate the senses. Two restaurants that undoubtedly offer an outstanding gastronomic experience in the Colombian gastronomic environment. 

Perennial favorites on the menu at 1525 Restaurant include the famous Laqueada Pork Rib with Corozo Reduction that comes accompanied by cayeye croquettes and organic greens with tree tomato vinaigrette. Also very popular is the Encocado de Mariscos, a preparation based on prawns, shrimp, mussels, squid, and local white fish in a base of cilantro, hogao, and coconut milk. On Cayeye Restaurant side, their represents the perfect combination of tropical ingredients such as mango, corn, coconut, and avocado, all of them revolving around the plantain as the original product. 


3. Bacota Restaurant - Don Pepe Boutique Hotel

Santa Marta, Greater Colombian Caribbean


Cena en el Restaurante Bacota, Hotel Boutique Don Pepe, Santa Marta
Credit: Cena en el Restaurante Bacota.


In the heart of Santa Marta is located a colonial-style mansion, its republican architecture (French, Italian, and Anglo-Saxon). Dating back to 1529, it dazzles everyone who visits it, but this is not the only attraction of Don Pepe Boutique Hotel, its Bacota Restaurant enchants diners with a menu made up of international dishes with very Colombian flavors. The Cayeye Samario is the star of this place. A dish based on green bananas that faithfully represents the typical Magdalenense cuisine, it consists of a well-seasoned puree with hogao topping (traditional Colombian sauce based on tomato and green onion) a fascinating discovery for those who do not know it and a tasty delight for those who love it.  

From the special culinary style that this restaurant offers in each preparation, dishes are born with fresh, aromatic, and spicy ingredients that will make your meal an experience to devour. Among its delicious options are seafood, fish, pasta, and salad dishes, complemented with a selection of French, Chilean and Argentinean wines that will make this experience something unique for your palate. 


4. Casa Guatí Restaurant - Hotel Casa Guatí Barichara

Eastern Colombian Andes


Restaurante Casa Guatí, Barichara. Plato: Sub Páramo
Crédito: Restaurante Casa Guatí, Barichara.


"The Journey", which is the name of Casa Guati restaurant's signature menu, is inspired by the ancestral roads that communicate the department of Santander. This menu was born after a cultural immersion trip where the chef recorded the different experiences and sensations through the shapes, colors, biomes, and stories of the real roads, which served to reflect the exotic nature through balanced flavors and combinations. 

This restaurant, with a sustainable conscience, promotes the work of local producers and farmers, who are responsible for helping every day to have the best products in the area, to make the best creations. The experience of enjoying "the trip" means getting to know the Santander ingredients with different techniques focused on local gastronomy, tasting ancestral preparations such as a beef fillet with 16 hours of cooking in smoke, and then moving on to a pickled yota (a green and smooth fruit, also known as cayote, like the potato in its uses), smoked with cream cheese leaf. Magnificently delicious! 


5. Casa Rivera del Cacao Restaurant - Hotel Casa Rivera del Cacao

Córdoba, Quindío, Western Colombian Andes.


Restaurante Casa Rivera del Cacao, Córdoba. Plato: sobrebarriga dorada con papas chorreadas
Credit: Restaurante Casa Rivera del Cacao, Córdoba.


If you want to experience Colombia through its flavors, this is the ideal restaurant for you. With a recipe book with more than 1500 traditional preparations from all over the country, Casa Rivera del Cacao regularly prepares dishes such as Sancocho, a fusion of ingredients from four continents whose origins date back to the Middle Ages through the Spanish olla podrida; Sudado Montañero, a dish from Quindío originally used to transport food to the mountains and whose preparation technique comes from Italian and Spanish stews.  

The tamal, a dish of which there are more than 1500 versions in Colombia; the Fish Salpicon, a Caribbean preparation that descends from the Spanish salpicón (salty-spicy) of the Middle Ages; the Fritanga, the true precursor of the national fast food, which fuses American and Asian vegetable products with Spanish charcuterie traditions (blood sausage, chorizo, etc.) and many others. In addition, the restaurant offers some of the best coffees and teas in the world (all produced in Colombia) - simply delightful!


6. La Huerta Country Restaurant - Huerta Hotel, Vereda Calimita, Lago Calima

Valle del Cauca, Colombian Pacific.


De la huerta al plato. Restaurante Campestre La Huerta, Lago Calima.
Credit: Restaurante Campestre La Huerta, Lago Calima.


With a sustainable farm-to-table proposal, La Huerta Country Restaurant is the first restaurant with zero-kilometer cuisine in the country, a model based on slow food that seeks to reduce the environmental impact by focusing on the use of food purchased from local producers in a radius of fewer than 100 kilometers (About 62 mi) around the restaurant, and a 100% chemical-free agricultural production model, located in the rural area of Lake Calima

The goal of the Huerta is to inspire guests with an interactive experience of organic agriculture and regenerative gastronomy, through which guests learn how we contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they can do it themselves. They learn how to eat delicious and healthy food, while their food choices can reduce their carbon footprint. 

The gastronomic highlight of La Huerta is a seasonal menu with organic food, as well as a seasonal menu zero-kilometer, with a 7-course tasting menu of the day's harvest, a balanced offer of meats, chicken, fish such as trout and tilapia, vegetables, legumes, grains, seeds, and fruits. Deliciously healthy!   

We invite you to get to know Colombia, to stay in these 6 hotels where you can enjoy unique gastronomic experiences, and taste the flavors coming from the tradition, the cuisines, and the local orchards. You can delight yourself with the landscapes in which they are located, get to know the destinations that you will surely love and to which, and to which, after experiencing the warmth that characterizes us, you will surely want to return. Because the charm of our country will be with you from the first greeting to the last bite. Come and visit us! 




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