Colombia is a country that embraces diversity. In the latest Gay Travel Index done by Spartacus, we were ranked 21st out of 197 countries in friendliest travel destinations next to Israel and Switzerland and getting the second place in Latin America after Uruguay. But why? 
Colombia is 1 in 26 countries were same sex marriage is legal, 1 in 26 where adoption for same-sex couples is permitted. We have nation-wide antidiscrimination laws that protect our LGBT population in the different spheres of society. Trans people can also change their gender in all their identity documents as well as get a sex reassignment surgery through the public universal health system. And many other progresses that are too extent for us to talk about here. Moreover, the Colombian national police has been certified as a friendly biz organization, which means this entity has a friendly relationship with the LGBT community. 
All these efforts have not gone unseen by the travel industry. Colombia was named the best emerging LGBT destination in FITUR 2017, one of the world’s biggest international tourism trade fairs. 
The best cities for LGBT travellers to visit in Colombia are: 
This city has a wide gastronomic and cultural vibe to offer. Bogota is home to the largest gay bar in Latin America. The city has a vibrant LGBT nightlife that makes everyone feel welcome. 

The following events will take place in Bogota this year: 
•    The Bogotá Pride (June-July)
•    Equality week (june-july)
•    Gay international festival (November) 
•    Iberoamerican Theatre Festival (April)
•    LGBT trade (November) 
•    Pink cinema (september)

This city is known for its warm and generous people. They are always proud to show tourists the “Paisa” culture and guide them to the most important landmarks in the city.  

These are the following events that will take place in Medellin this year: 
•    The Medellín Pride (Jun-July)
•    Flowers Festival (August) 

This is a port city that offers many fun activities and events to tourists all year round. The most important event in Barranquilla is its carnival where the city is transformed into a giant festival. This event is one of the most famous celebrations in the country and proclaimed an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
The Barranquilla Carnival has a Gay Guacherna, a night parade that brings together the entire city with its LGBT population. This important event ends with the coronation of the Gay Queen of the carnival. 
These are the following events that had taken place in Barranquilla this year:
•    Barranquilla Carnival (February)
•    Guacherna  Gay (February)

This place has everything you wish for in a single destination. Cartagena is considered a nightlife and gastronomic destination. 
 These are the following events that will take place in Cartagena this year: 
•    Rumours Festival (July)
•    Cartagena Pride (August)
•    Gay international festival (July) 


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