Nature and adventure go hand in hand especially when camping in a foreign country. Our diverse natural landscapes and our variety of natural parks give people the option to go camping in exotic locations such as deserts, parks surrounded by the mountains and the ocean, and even next to a stunning lakes. Its beautiful landscapes, its multiple natural parks and their stunning views are the main reasons to camp out in Colombia. 

If you want to discover new destinations and you love adventure, these are our recommended places:

Tayrona Natural National Park

The 150 square kilometer park offers visitors an exotic combination between nature, history, indigenous culture, and adventure. Here, you will find more than fourteen beautiful beaches, from which you can see the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta”, one of the highest coastal mountain range in the world. In the park there are several authorized areas for camping. Travelers can bring their own tents or spend the night sleeping in “Chinchorros”, which are the typical hammocks of the region. If you can’t bring your own, both tents and “Chinchorros” can be rented there. 

One of the most popular camp areas is “Cabo San Juan” because the camping area is located right in front of the beach.  

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Tatacoa Desert

This desert is the second largest dry area in Colombia with 330 square kilometers. Its weather is warm and dry and temperatures vary between 28◦C and  40◦C. 

The Tatacoa desert is known for its beautiful red, orange and brown colors that match perfectly with the sky and the green cactuses that are all over the place. This is a perfect destination if you want to see the stars at night since there is an observatory area. There are also a wide variety of lodgings and hotels; however, the camp zone is one of the most famous around the country, and a truly enriching experience that you cannot miss.

Camp in the Tatacoa Desert and enjoy its wonderful views


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Tota Lake

This beautiful lake is located in the Boyacá department. It is known as the largest lake in Colombia, and it is very famous for its turquoise waters and white sands. The place is surrounded by the most beautiful scenery with many crop plantations. Around the lake, there are many places to go camping. One of the most popular areas is “Playa Blanca”, which is a beach where travelers can fish, practice water sports and relax under the sun. 

Camp at Lake Tota in Boyaca and enjoy Playa Blanca


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“Chingaza” National Natural Park

This park is located a few hours from Bogota. Its landscapes are characterized by the presence of frailejon plants and lagoons. The park is perfect for hiking since it has four internal circuits to go through different levels of difficulty, and several viewpoints to appreciate the beautiful scenery. There is a camping area with facilities that include parking, energy and hot water. 

Consider camping in Colombia and enjoy the beauty of the country!! 

Hiking and camping in the impressive Chingaza Nature Park in Colombia