Colombia is a perfect destination to relax, disconnect from the routine and connect with culture, nature, and landscapes that will take your breath away. But beyond being an excellent travel destination, Colombia is a country that celebrates diversity and seeks to welcome everyone, making it a good LGBTIQ+ destination thanks to the recognition that cities like Cartagena have achieved.

For this reason, many hotels have integrated into their practices different actions that seek to provide comfortable spaces for everyone. These 6 hotels for the LGBTIQ+ community have  stood out for their good practices, welcoming spaces and principles of diversity and inclusion.

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Hotel

Piscina Hotel Santa Clara de noche.

Historical and stunning, a hotel with centuries of stories on its walls. In its beginnings in 1621, the building functioned as a convent and since then it has been a prison, a hospital, and a medical school until it became the iconic Santa Clara Hotel in 1995.

100 bedrooms, 25 private suites with balconies, a spa, and luxury restaurants; this hotel is located in the walled city. Staying here is to experience history, luxury, and warmth wrapped in colonial architecture with the best modern adaptations ready to offer a different experience full of comfort.

The Sofitel Legend Santa Clara hotel is highlighted for its good service and equal treatment to all its guests, who are welcome to celebrate love within its facilities.  For this reason, the celebration of same-sex weddings is within its range of services. For the Sofitel Hotel, every single detail in a marriage is important: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail reception, reception, dinner, wedding night, and even post-wedding brunch, so your celebration will be as you always dreamed.

To get married in Colombia, you will need::

  • Authenticated copy of the civil registry not older than 3 months
  • Copy of the identification document

If you are a foreigner:

  • Apostilled or legalized civil registry
  • Certificate of bachelorhood issued by the authority of each country.

Estelar Hotel

Hotel Estelar, Parque de la 93, Bogotá.

This Colombian hotel chain has more than 50 years of history and has 23 locations in 11 cities. Within their guidelines, they have created different concepts:

Prime: elegant and exclusive

Resorts: comfort, relaxation, and activities

Superior: stands out for its excellent location and infrastructure

Essential: modern, practical, and versatile

Apartments: ideal for long stays with complete hotel services

This hotel chain has developed different types of events, such as weddings and conferences for the LGBTIQ+ community.  But they have not only focused on events, they have also looked to design initiatives such as promotions during Pride celebrations and exclusive rates for accommodation during weekends when events are held in Bogota. It also has special agreements with partners such as Theatron, one of Latin America’s most representative places for the LGBTIQ+ nightlife community.

Their practices, initiatives, and training courses led them to obtain the Friendly Biz certificate in 2019, granted by the Chamber of Diversity of Colombia, which means that it is a company friendly to the LGBTQ+ public.

Cannúa Hotel

Hotel Cannúa, Marinilla, Antioquia.

Located in the mountains of Antioquia and surrounded by nature, the Hotel Cannúa  is committed to ecotourism, local experiences, and working with the community. Inspired by permaculture, an agricultural design with economic and social principles, Cannúa Hotel aims to create unique natural experiences through Colombian cuisine, adventure and relaxation activities, and the connection with the community and culture of the area.

The hotel is located in Marinilla, Antioquia, and as part of their business philosophy they are empathetic and friendly; so, they open their doors to the organization of different events of the LGBTIQ+ community, such as weddings, leisure, or labor inclusion meetings.

This hotel seeks to highlight the importance of living every moment: its architecture revolves around respect for the ecosystem and seeks to inspire with beautiful landscapes, bird watching, and interaction with nature.

Hotel Novotel Medellín El Tesoro

Piscina hotel Novotel, Medellín, Colombia.

The Novotel Hotel is part of the Accor hotel chain, and its decoration is inspired by the colors of nature. These hotels aim to offer an experience where guests can find a perfect balance between social, personal and professional life.

The hotel takes care of every detail, from its location to the decoration, the food in its restaurants, and the service provided, in addition to having adequate places to attend various events. For these hotels, it is important to highlight the value of diversity by supporting inclusive tourism, which is why one of the hotel's welcome banners is the LGBTIQ+ flag.

In addition, and as a part of the initiatives they have promoted, in June they celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month through decoration and ambiance of spaces, themed breakfasts, gifts for guests who belong to the community, and offering special accommodation plans.

As a part of their commitment to equality, they have an LGBTIQ+ committee in South America that seeks to promote an inclusive and welcoming work environment and, as part of the Accor chain, they are members of the IGLTA (The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association), the international association that promotes inclusion and equality in tourism.

Hotel Click Clack

Hotel Click Clack, sede Medellín, Colombia.

Noted for its architecture and design, this hotel breaks with the traditional parameters of conventional hotels and is recognized for creating spaces designed to communicate ideas and experiences focused on art and entertainment. Attention to every detail, interaction with the spaces, and innovation are characteristics of these hotels, which are located in Bogota with 60 rooms and with 123 rooms in Medellín.

 Beyond its revolutionary designs, this hotel focuses on providing maximum comfort by creating unique experiences, which is why it is the only hotel in the country with its own internal creative laboratory aiming to generate new ideas constantly. This is characterized by the preponderance of critical thinking, disruptive and experiential design, creating facilities, alternative content, and immersive events for those who share the same way of seeing, experiencing, and interacting with the world around them.

As a result of innovation, Click Clack offers experiences such as Future Food, a 9-story audiovisual gastronomic experience; Playroom, an ideal place to spend a unique time with different games that will help you create an incredible environment and the Sleep Lab, a space to learn how to sleep well and understand your sleep habits.

This hotel wants to create a perfect environment where everyone feels welcome, so they welcome all members of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Santa Marta Marriott Resort Playa Dormida

Hotel Marriot Playa Dormida.

Beach, sea, and Caribbean breeze; the Marriott Resort Playa Dormida located in Santa Marta, is a hotel where every detail is synonymous with luxury, with which they seek to inspire all visitors. The objective of this hotel is to inspire people by providing a gastronomic and cultural experience in a city with extraordinary sunsets and perfect landscapes to relax.

This is an ideal place to celebrate Pride as they have created special events such as the Pride Brunch, Pride-related talks, and the Pride cinema. They are also promoters of same-sex weddings and are looking for training to include inclusive language. Additionally, they are members of the IGLTA and the Chamber of Diversity of Colombia, LGBT Traders of Colombia demonstrating their interest in creating and working for inclusive environments.


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