Guachalito, Coquí, Joví, Termales, and Morromico are some of the names of the beaches and villages that make up the paradise called Nuquí, a municipality in the department of Chocó, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, where sea and jungle fuse into one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in Colombia.

Nature turned Paradise

This is the ideal place for those who love nature and the calm of the sounds it radiates. A destination with uncountable waters, flora, and fauna, where the essence of life is rediscovered. There is no disturbing noise here, nor the complications of modern life. Only the perfect atmosphere for resting, dreaming, and creating.

Nuquí is sought after by admirers of indescribable spectacles such as the arrival of the yubarta, or humpback, whales from July to November and of all the wildlife that hides among the rich vegetation of the tropical rainforest and in a sea that teems with animal and vegetal species.

It is reached by air from Medellín or Quibdó, the capital of the department. Travel to the various beaches is done by motor boat or by hiking along them, depending on the time of day and the state of the tide. The entire environment is a standing invitation to become fascinated by unequalled attractions.

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A destination for arriving and staying

Once in the municipality, fantasy and the ancestral culture are willing to please the senses and the expectations of those who arrive for the first time or of those who return to repeat the experience through direct and special contact with the ecological generosity that is perceived everywhere in this municipality of the department of Chocó, located in the Gulf of Tribugá.

Aside from walks on the beach, the days are long enough for going deep into the dense jungle in search of simply beautiful sites. Waterfalls, crystalline rivers, lonely beaches, and hot springs blend with the many species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians that are the players in the dreamy concerts of a place that seems to be out of this world.

Yet vertigo is added to the predominant tranquility by way of sports like surfing and diving. Surfing is enjoyed for the strong waves that strike Nuquí’s beaches several hours a day; diving, for the bountiful biological riches that the Pacific Ocean guards. Other activities are sports fishing, eco-tourism and trekking.

The possibility of becoming acquainted with the culture and cuisine of the region’s inhabitants is added to the activities of Nuquí’s exuberant scenery. The inhabitants are few, but they preserve the memory of their ancestors and take great care to respect their habitat.

Tranquillity meets life

The natives and several settlers who arrived in Nuquí in the Department of Chocó  are the best masters and guides of a place that, to a certain extent, makes them forget that the world exists by reason of being a paradise on earth where nothing is lacking and there is an abundance of life’s basics: water, fresh air, and nature and the rich nourishment it provides.

Nuquí is just the place to overcome fear of loneliness and distance. It provides the total isolation necessary for discovering the true meaning of life and confirming the fact that nature is wise.

If you are wondering where to stay and where to eat in Nuquí, in the colombian pacific don't worry. Nuquí has lots of possibilities for travellers like you.


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