Yopal comes from the indigenous word yopo, which means heart and refers to a timber tree. The municipality, capital of the department of Casanare, was founded on February 22, 1915 and has an average temperature of 26 ºC. This land was essential to achieve Freedom, because from these Plains came the troops that helped expel the Spaniards in the 19th century.

The culture of the native of Yopal belongs to the llanera culture which is being radically broken by the pluricultural manifestations, there is a need to make cultural identity compatible with the development of the modern world.

When you know the plain it is undoubtedly we must visit Yopal, beautiful land of plains and landscapes of the other world, it is ideal for adventure tourism, water sports and the parra nda.

Yopal has several sites of interest to the visitor, such as: shopping centers, museums, night rumba sites, parks, among the most prominent sites in the city.

In Yopal it has several sites of interest for visitors such as shopping centers, museums, night rumba sites, parks, among other highlights of the city.

Visit San Agustin and discover the greatest mysteries of pre-Columbian civilizations.

What to do in Yopal

From the viewpoint of Bellavista, in the west of Yopal, the plain seems dawn without limits while the sun stains the sky of red, pink and orange tones. This is a good place to appreciate the landscapes of this city, where travelers enjoy with the joropo, a rhythm of the Plains; and they enjoy typical dishes like la mamona (beef), among other things in Yopal.

Visit the skyscraper the emblem of the city of Yopal and is adorned by a beautiful road that makes the ride more enjoyable.

Enjoy our parties such as International Tournament with a strong voice, Yopal Festival, National Colonies Festival, Garcero del Llano Festival and many more events you will find in Yopal.

Yopal has a large number of medium and small hotels, the hotels built during the oil boom and the hotels made for tourism in the municipality.

Unique experiences

In Yopal not only sunrises and sunsets are seen that amaze. You can also dance joropo and even practice adventure sports such as rafting.

Try the typical Yopal food such as RICE BREAD, ENTREVERADO, RICE AREPES among others.

Activities you can't miss

Contemplating the landscapes of the Llano, dancing joropo and practicing adventure sports such as 'rafting' are plans that attract travelers who get to know Yopal and the department of Casanare.

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