Colombia is a country with many treasures to discover. Among those are its paradise beaches, which have become places of interest for a pleasant rest.

Many times, when we think of a vacation destination, our first instinct is to picture paradise beaches. When it comes to this, Colombia has an excellent variety. Some of the best known beaches are located in San Andrés and ProvidenciaCartagena and Santa Marta. However, today we want to talk to you about the hidden beaches that, even if you don’t have them on your radar, should definitely be considered on your next visit to our country.

Tolú and Coveñas, hidden beaches that you will love

A deserted beach with palm trees awaits you in Coveñas. Discover the hidden beaches of Colombia.

Immerse in the wonderful beach paradise between Tolú and Coveñas.

Tolú and Coveñas are two Colombian beaches located in the Gulf of Morrosquillo, in the Sucre region in the north of the country. With only 20 kms of distance between them, a journey through two of the most beautiful beaches is almost a requirement for all travelers.

These hidden beaches are also known by the name of "Spa of the silver shaded beaches" due to their shallow, crystal-clear waters and surrounding palm trees. For this reason, it is an excellent destination for families with children, since within the first 50 meters when entering the sea, the water barely reaches the knees.

Another thing that stands out for these Colombian beaches are their incredible landscapes, which you can appreciate during your stay. Due to its proximity to the separation of the Caribbean Sea with the Swamp of La Caimanera, these beaches are surrounded with a spectacular biodiversity. This also provides different shades of green to the sea thanks to the vegetation that surrounds it, which you will be able to appreciate while snorkeling!

To arrive at this destination, you can take a direct flight - national or international - to Cartagena, and from there, take a ground transportation that will take you to some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia in less than three hours.

Unmissable things to do in these destinations

If you decide to come to these hidden beaches, we recommend the following activities:

  • Take a walk through the town of Santiago de Tolú. Walk the wonderful streets of this town and appreciate its colonial architecture. We recommend visiting the Museo del Calabazo artisan shop to buy handicrafts.
  • Canoe through the wonderful Swamp of La Caimanera nature reserve until you reach a floating house where you can taste the gastronomic delights of the area.
  • Rent a cabin facing the sea in Tolú or Coveñas and enjoy water sports such as surfing and windsurfing.

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Tintipán Island, one of the best Colombian Beaches

A palm tree perches on the blue sea in Tintipán, one of Colombia's hidden beaches.

Have a pleasant rest while enjoying a wonderful view of the ocean.

Located 50 km southwest of Cartagenain the Caribbean Sea, is the San Bernardo Archipelago, a set of ten wonderful islands with some of the most beautiful beaches. The largest of them is the Island of Tintipán. This island is part of the Rosario Islands National Natural Park, an underwater sanctuary where ecosystems such as coral reefs, wetlands, mangroves, rocky coastlines, sea grass and white beaches coexist. For this reason, it is home to an amazing biodiversity of both fauna and flora that you can appreciate through its crystalline waters.

Being an island surrounded by swamps and mangroves, the conservation of species is one of the top priorities of its small population. The natural channels that grow around it are an ideal setting for activities such as bird watching.

To get to this hidden beach you can take a boat from Cartagena or from Tolú on a tour that will take around 2 hours.

Enjoy these beach activities in one of the best Colombian destinations

Some of the things you can do in Tintipán Island are:

  • Discover the biodiversity of these ecosystems by diving in the place also known as “The Diver’s Island”.
  • Take the Plankton Tour at night so you can see the fluorescent flashes that these algae radiate from movement.
  • Enjoy a relaxing break on the beach and, if you are in the mood for more adventures, go ahead and visit other ones nearby such as Isla Múcura.

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Capurganá, one of the paradise beaches in Colombia

Canoes perch in a sea with different shades of blue. Enjoy the hidden beaches in the region.

Capurganá is a place surrounded in the biodiversity of three ecosystems: beach, forest, and jungle.

Located in the north of the country in the Chocó region is the small town of Capurganá. It is one of the hidden beaches in Colombia, since it can only be accessed by sea or air from the city of MedellínIt is a treasure nestled between a bay and a dense tropical rainforest, which in turn provides the ideal paradise for a relaxing vacation.

Formerly, Capurganá was a land inhabited by the Cuna indigenous community. As a result, the name of this beach, “Tierra de Ají”, means “chili pepper land” in its native language. The heritage of this culture can be seen in the crafts they make with colorful fabrics called molas that are sold in the region. Here, you can shop for wonderful gifts and souvenirs to remember your visit.

Capurganá is a really special place since it resides in the middle of three ecosystems: beach, forest and jungle. One of the best Colombian beaches for those who want to appreciate incredible landscapes and connect with nature through a wide range of ecotourism.

Beach activities you might want to consider during your visit

In addition to a well-deserved and pleasant rest, these are the plans that we recommend in this hidden treasure of our country:

  • Take an excursion to the most important virgin beach in the area: La Caleta. There, you will enjoy beach activities such as diving and snorkeling to admire the corals.
  • Marvel at the Cana turtle sighting. Every year in September, their eggs hatch and the baby turtles go out to sea.
  • Venture on an ecological walk to the El Cielo nature reserve. In this lush and exotic landscape, you will be able to appreciate species such as parrots, howler monkeys and toucans. What’s more, you’ll pass through waterfalls and streams until you reach a breathtaking natural pool.

Don't miss out on discovering the hidden treasures that are part of the Colombian beaches. These paradises await you!