Colombia is a vibrant and welcoming country with something for everybody. Have you decided to solo travel the land to feel the rhythm? Whether you’re looking to find yourself or clear your head, travel Colombia after a business trip, or you just prefer traveling alone, we have some top tips to help you get the most out of your trip. Colombia is safe, inspiring and eager to receive visitors from across the world.

Santa Marta

Sunrise through a peak in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta' mountain range
Photo by Martin Mecnarowski

Enjoy the beautiful landscape and colorful sunsets of Santa Marta.

This coastal Colombian city is bursting with enchant and the ideal place to kick back and relax, or throw yourself into the culture, wildlife, adventure, sports and celebrations so typical of this stretch of the Caribbean coast. Most solo travelers opt to stay in hostels, meeting fellow travelers from across the world but Santa Marta is also home to charming and comfortable hotels. Whatever you choose, pick somewhere close to the beach so it’s easy for you to relax or try some extreme sports.

The mornings in Santa Marta are best spent relaxing, sunbathing on its sands with a book and a plate of fresh, local fruit. In the afternoon, take a wander through the city and explore Rodadero, Santa Marta’s most popular neighborhood, where you can immerse yourself in Colombian culture. You’ll be surrounded by artisans and street vendors touting local favorites such as fresh fruit juice, ceviche and the popular arepa y huevo (egg arepa). Soak up the sounds, colors and sensations of this historic colonial city because this is a magic you won’t find anywhere else.

Why not break free of your comfort zone? Ask a friendly local which spots they recommend and the best food for you to try. At night, sip a cocktail at a busy local bar or take a short walk under the stars.

La Guajira

Tourists walking thorugh the endless sand of La Guajira Desert
Photo by Sebastian Delgado C

The Guajira region is famous for having the allure of an oasis where the desert meets the sea.

A trip to La Guajira is a journey into the farthest reaches of Colombia, a mysterious land where the yellow sands blur into the horizon, the dark blue seas throw their waves onshore and travelers are embraced by the breeze. The people of this region will make solo travelers feel at home, whether you’ve arrived by plane or traveled overland to experience the stunning landscapes that make this place so magical.

Start with a trip to the small city of Riohacha, which looks out over the Caribbean Sea at the edge of 25,000 hectares of undulating desert that looks like a movie set. The endless sands here are dotted with ‘waves’ formed by the wind and the skies are full of interesting birds. More than 140 bird species have been spotted nearby, which makes it the ideal spot for ecotourism.

In northern La Guajira, the tiny village of Cabo de la Vela is a must visit too. Its expansive sands and peaceful ambience offers solo travelers the chance to rest and relax. As soon as you feel recharged, consider climbing the nearby ‘Pilón de Azucar’ (Sugarloaf Hill) and be rewarded by fantastic views of the coastline. Visit local communities, where you’ll be greeted with plates piled high with local delicacies, including fried goat and fish, plantain, coconut rice and fresh fruit juice.

Some of the region’s most authentic accommodation is found in the local rancherias, where guests sleep outside in hammocks, bathed in moonlight as they gaze at skies filled with stars. Many are treated to the chance to see the Yonna dance, when several barefoot women gather around a bonfire and move to the beat of a drum. Those in search of a bit of luxury will find several hotels in the area and, once again, we recommend choosing one close to the beach.

A solo trip through La Guajira is an unforgettable experience and the chance to admire astounding natural spectacles found only when you travel Colombia. So grab yourself a locally-woven mochila in any color of the rainbow and explore a part of the world you’ll remember forever.

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Coffee Cultural Landscape

Stunning fall in the natural landscape of Colombia's Coffee Region
Photo by Jess Kraft

Discover the mesmerizing nature of the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia.

This beautiful and world-renowned Colombian region is formed of the departments of Quindío, Caldas, Risaralda and the Valle del Cauca and there is plenty to see here. Although each of these places has different solo travel opportunities, they all have one thing in common – coffee. Wander sloping fields, coffee plantations big and small, colorful farmhouses and meet the friendly people who live here. The charm of this incredible place will ensure you want to stay for longer.

Spend a day visiting a coffee plantation and learn about the way coffee is grown and prepared. You’ll meet local coffee growers who are enthusiastic about sharing the secrets of their success. Visitors learn about and, of course, sample Colombian coffee and discover what makes it so special. Wherever you visit, you’ll be charmed by the verdant hills, rare and colorful flowers, the warm weather and the birdsong.

Visit a nearby restaurant in the afternoon, where you’ll be served traditional dishes made from local ingredients. Minced beef, kidney beans, plantain, pork crackling, avocado, rice and a fried egg are just some of the multitude of delights that come together to make one of Colombia’s most famous meals – the bandeja paisa.

So grab yourself a coffee growers’ hat and a cozy poncho and become absorbed in the culture of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, where you will be welcomed with open arms.

With destinations like this on your ‘to do’ list, it’s easy to see why Colombia is a hot destination for solo travel. Not that you’ll feel like you’re traveling alone, in this warm and welcoming country where visitors are treated as though they’re part of the family. Pack your bags to experience Colombia’s unforgettable flora and fauna, delicious food and diverse cultures, and allow yourself to be amazed by the country that awaits you.