No matter where you come from, Colombia will always greet you with open doors, starting with our people. Get ready to discover why destinations in Colombia are so unique.

Colombia, a country that welcomes you with hospitality wherever you go

It does not matter if the weather in the destination you choose to visit is cold or warm, because it gives true warmth to each place is its people.

Before you come to see it for yourself, we will tell you what makes travels to Colombia unforgettable experiences. Let’s begin!

In Colombian cities, the climate merges with the warmth of its people

Colombia is synonymous with joy and hospitality, as well as cultural diversity. It is a country where people are as warm as the weather, sometimes even warmer, and you can feel it from the moment they greet you and as they accompany you throughout your stay. For example, it happens in the Colombian Caribbean, where not only the rays of the sun embrace you, but also the warmth of tourist hospitality that is found at every corner.

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The most enchanting destinations are in Colombia

In destinations such as Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, and San Andrés and Providencia, the 'coastal people' welcome you with a joyful, outgoing personality and great kindness. This makes it easy to enjoy emblematic places such as the Historic Center of Cartagena, wondrous places like Bocas de Ceniza in Barranquilla, the contrast of the beach with the whitecaps of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the sea of seven colors in the San Andrés Archipelago, declared a World Biosphere Reserve.

In these places, you can also enjoy homemade preparations that will delight you with the spectacular flavors of Colombian cuisine, such as the traditional fried food of the Caribbean Coast. Locals will make you fall in love with the famous arepa e’ huevo (a fried corn cake with an egg stuffed inside) or a carimañola (a fried yucca cake with cheese inside). Just a taste will be enough to discover the love Colombians put into each dish.

Feel the warmth of traveling to Colombia enjoying the Barranquilla Carnival | Colombia Travel
Photo by Doleesi

A dancer participates in a Barranquilla Carnival parade.

After all this is the land of 1,000 rhythms, and the music of Colombia invites you to take part in fairs and festivals such as the Barranquilla Carnival.

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Colombian hospitality makes visitors fall in love with the country

Thanks to a pleasantly warm climate, incredible tourist attractions, and the Paisa culture, you’ll want to experience cities like Medellín, also known as "The City of Eternal Spring." Here, culture is expressed through its friendly and resourceful people, who celebrate the variety of flowers and the work of the silleteros, the artists who make beautiful flower compositions of the Feria de las Flores in Medellín.

A coffee grower selects the best coffee beans. A top choice in Colombian trips experiences. | Colombia Travel
Photo by Salmonnegro

Feel the warmth of traveling to our country, where you will enjoy a cup of Colombian coffee.

Something very similar happens in the Coffee Cultural Landscape, where you will find the best coffee experience in Colombia. Here, the intense green mountains where the coffee plantations are located produces the best coffee beans. The beans are collected by coffee growers who take care of even the smallest detail to give you a unique cup of coffee.

From one Colombian region to another, tourist hospitality doesn’t change, but transforms depending on the destination. Each locale takes a new style, as is the case in cities such as Bucaramanga or Cali which welcome you with a wide gastronomic variety, nature and adventure tourism, and dance. The latter is especially popular in Cali, the Capital of Salsa.

Explore our warm culture on your trips to Colombia

Feel the warmth of our greetings on your trips to Colombia| Colombia Travel
Photo by Daniel M Ernst

Two people greet each other with joy.

Another way to familiarize yourself with the warmth of culture is by visiting the capital of Colombia. Bogotá is a city where people from all over the country coexist, making it a diverse and multicultural melting pot, and an ideal destination full of history, culture, authentic cuisine, and big business.

This is of the most appreciated jewels of Colombia, which with cobbled streets and colonial architecture will transport you through the rich history of this country.

What are you waiting for? Surround yourself with the warmth of our culture! Plan your trip to Colombia, we will be waiting for you with arms wide open.