Land of many waters Guainia. In the indigenous language, this is the meaning of Guainía, the department of southeastern Colombia whose capital is Inírida. This municipality, founded on August 5, 1974, has an average temperature of 25 ºC and its main communication routes are the rivers. The Atabapo, Guaviare and Orinoco rivers, among others, flow nearby.

Artesanías indígenas en Coco Viejo
Foto: Francisco Contreras, ProColombia


We have great archaeological wealth millennia along the river and communities, our rock formations here in Guainia you will find all this. Inírida capital of Guainía rises the impotent the flower of Inírida of particular beauty which is only found in the wet and swampy surroundings of the population.

Guainía has a large number of rivers being navigable preferably in the second half of the winter.

It is a small and pleasant city that is visited mostly as a starting point to destinations such as the Mavecure Hills or the southern river star in the capital of Guainía.

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