Why hold Events in Colombia?

Because it offers a wide variety of destinations, climates, and scenarios that will turn any events in Colombia into a unique and purposeful experience.

Due to its geographical location, Colombia has a great variety of temperatures and climates. 

Sports events

More than a dozen Colombian regions offer sports and tourism infrastructure with the highest standards and capabilities to host athletes, entourages, and assistants to regional, continental, and world competitions of different disciplines.

Colombia has hosted major sporting events, including:

  • IX Juegos Sudamericanos (2010)

  • U20 Soccer World Cup (2011)

  • World Games (2013)

  • Juegos Bolivarianos en Santa Marta (2017)

  • Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos y del Caribe en Barranquilla (2018)

  • Dos paradas del Tour de Golf PGA – Korn Ferry (Desde 2015)


Dazzling landscapes, colorful villages, haciendas, castles, colonial squares, ancient walls, and churches in the depths of a mountain become the perfect setting to make even more unforgettable the moment when couples say "I do."

The great variety of flowers type export and exquisite typical dishes, together with the professionalism and friendliness of the service staff hired for the celebration, are the delight of the guests at the weddings celebrated in Colombia.

Cultural events

The cultural manifestations (gastronomy, music, art) of Colombians, usually cheerful and colorful, inspire and complement those that arrive in the country in the form of concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and other associated events.

Colombia has hosted important cultural events, including:

Academic Events

The performance and experience of Colombia in certain topics have made it an academic reference, but also the headquarters of major events whose participants are nourished by the knowledge and progress made by the country in recent years.

Colombia has hosted important cultural events, including:

  • Cumbre Mundial de Premios Nobel de Paz (2017)

  • Reunión Anual del World Economic Forum (2016)

  • XXI Asamblea de la Organización Mundial del Turismo (2015)

  • 82º Asamblea General de INTERPOL  (2013)