Livestock Capital of Colombia

Life in Monteria depends on the Sinú River, the river artery that has allowed the entrance of progress and around which this city has grown, which was founded on May 1, 1777. The capital of the department of Córdoba, whose average temperature is of 26 ºC, it receives the travelers between extensive savannas where the main industry of the region flourishes, the cattle ranch. Not far away, 60 km away, is the Caribbean Sea.


What to do in Montería?

Those who arrive in Monteria can walk along the Ronda del Río Sinú and watch the iguanas sunbathe. From this city, where thanks to a cattle fair the importance of cattle for the economy of this area of ​​the Caribbean is perceived, it is easy to visit Lorica, a municipality that is part of the Network of Peoples Heritage of Colombia; Also, attend San Antero for celebrations that revolve around the donkey.


Unique experiences

A visit to Monteria includes a walk along a tree-covered tourist path that runs alongside the Sinú River.


Activities you can't miss

Walking along the river along the Sinú river is an unmissable plan for those arriving in Monteria. From this city it is possible to visit a theme park where you learn about alligators.