Visit Palomino and enjoy satisfying rest between mountain, sea and river adventures.

Palomino, located in la Guajira, is one of the most attractive destinations in the Colombian Caribbean. Due to its location at southern Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, it’s landscape beautifully combines the richness of the mountains with the Caribbean Sea. Also, thanks to the Palomino, San Salvador and Don Diego rivers, it is a wonderful place to go on ecotours.

Coming here gives you the chance to go hiking across many kilometers of Palomino’s beaches or navigating the river, perfect for tubing. This place has so much to discover, it’s the best destination for both resting and adventure.

Woman touring the Palomino Beaches at sunset | Colombia Travel
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Touring de beaches of Palomino is an unforgettable experience.

How to get to Palomino?

The municipality is located in the department of La Guajira, in northern Colombia. To arrive by air, you can take a flight to the city of Riohacha, the capital of La Guajira, or take a bus to Palomino in the transport terminal. Another way is to fly to Santa Marta from main cities such as Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali, and then take land transport to Palomino, which takes around two hours.

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What to do in Palomino?

After enjoying its extensive beaches, you will be surprised by the offer of activities there are. In addition to lodging in comfortable hotels, you will be able to savor local cuisine and be delighted with different gastronomic fusions offered by international restaurants.

If you enjoy nature and adventure but prefer a more relaxing activity, you can try river tubing. You will have to lay on a tire or rubber tube to flow down the Palomino River. While you enjoy the view and the sunset, the river will take you on an unforgettable yet gentle ride. After tubing, you can walk to see the river mouth as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. There you can really appreciate the colors and rhythms that are created when freshwater meets saltwater.

Between sea and river, you can also try your hand at extreme sports. There are waterfalls and walls where you can safely rappel down. It is quite a feat!

On the other hand, you can ride the waves of the Caribbean Sea while learning to surf. You can even experience a completely different kind of surfing: rafting. Extreme sports here are a great option to have some fun in the heart of nature.

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Yellow surf sign on the beaches of Palomino | Colombia Travel
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Surfing in Palomino is one of the extreme sports preferred by those who enjoy adventure.

Half an hour from Palomino is the Quebrada de Valencia, a perfect place to enjoy the tropical forest. Throughout the ravine, you’ll encounter different water wells and natural pools. It is a journey to enjoy at a slow pace. Come savor the shade of the trees and the beauty of the flowers!

Natural waterfall in the transparent waters of Valencia | Colombia Travel
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The Quebrada de Valencia in the middle of the tropical forest.

Unique experiences

If you are planning to visit Palomino, you cannot miss this sanctuary of fauna and flora: Los Flamencos. This sanctuary in La Guajira is home to different species of birds such as white herons, seagulls, the red cardinal, and the famous flamingos. While you’re here you’ll also be able to appreciate tropical forest and mangrove ecosystems as well. The reserve, just 70 kilometers from Palomino, also has 4 swamps that you can visit: Ciénaga del Navío Quebrado, Ciénaga de Tocoromanes, Ciénaga de Manzanillo and Laguna Grande.

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Ciudad Perdida! Here you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a local guide from the Tayrona indigenous tribe. While you’re here, take a tour across the jungle among the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Over time, you’ll be able to connect with nature and feel the life running through the rivers. What’s more, listening and seeing the variety of native birds will revitalize your senses. There are several ecotours for visitors that benefit the indigenous communities that inhabit and protect the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and natural resources in La Guajira.

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Flamingos at the flora and fauna sanctuary on the beaches of Palomino | Colombia Travel
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Flamingos can be seen in Camarones’ town, in La Guajira.


  • Dress comfortably and wear light clothing. That way you can enjoy the warm climate of the Caribbean Sea. Remember that hats and caps are recommended to protect yourself from the sun. Besides sandals for the beach, bring along rubber boots for walking through the jungle. A light rain jacket will be useful in this tropical climate. The average temperature ranges from 25° C to 29° C. The season with the lightest rainfall is September.

  • Bring cash. There are no ATMs in the municipality. However, you can travel to nearby cities for one if necessary.

  • To get here, you can take a flight to La Guajira, the capital in Riohacha. Also, to Santa Marta in the department of Magdalena. These destinations are an hour and a half by air from Bogotá.

  • You can also rent a car to get there from cities like Santa Marta, La Guajira or even Barranquilla. This option allows you to stop and discover other tourist places such as Tayrona Park, where you can spend between 2 and 4 hours hiking.

Colombia is the second-most biodiverse country in the world, and places like Palomino put their natural wealth on full display. Come explore between the sea and the mountains and experience the unforgettable!

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