The sound of fresh produce sizzling in a pan. The thud of a knife against a chopping board. The heady aroma of unusual culinary combinations lingering in the air.

Nothing beats a visit to a local restaurant for feeling immersed in a new country or culture and one of the best ways to understand Colombia is to do exactly that.

Colombians are extremely proud of their cuisine. It’s a combination of the country’s broad range of home-grown and home-reared fruit, vegetables and proteins, as well as centuries of dedication to home cooking with recipes passed down through the ages.

Bogota, as the nation’s capital, is the epicenter of its gastronomic scene, and the gastronomy Bogotá brings together chefs, recipes and tastes from across the country as well as fusions with dozens of international styles and flavors.

One way to sample the capital’s huge variety of restaurants and eateries is to take advantage of its food festivals, such as the Bogotá Food and Wine Festival and Alimentarte

Both offer the chance to sample local and international food at discount prices in non-traditional spaces, including parks and cultural venues.

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It’s also important to explore the various culinary quarters in Bogota. Here is our guide to the best food in Bogota and where to find it:


The Zona T

The Zona T is closed to pedestrians and is close to the prime nightclub district of Bogota. This neighborhood has plenty of upscale restaurants offering the best Colombia gastronomy, nice hotels and three shopping malls. 

One of the most popular restaurants in this part of the city is Andres D.C. The restaurant is known for its traditional cuisine, eclectic decoration, circus-like ambiance and for the non-stop music, dancing and fun it offers until the early hours.

There are many restaurants to choose from in this area and a wide range of cuisines on offer. These are some of our favorites, because each one is famous for the type of food it serves: 14 Inkas (Peruvian Food), Agadon (Gourmet Burgers), La Brasserie (French Food), Di Luca (Italian Food) and La Cevichería (Seafood).

La Cevichería

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The Zona G

This upmarket area of the city is known for its location close to the financial district, and one of the most upscale residential neighborhoods in Bogotá. 

With elegant but modern hotels, new restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, and fashion and home decor stores, the Zona G is one of the hippest for dining and consequently one of the most sought out areas to live. It’s a natural haven for the city’s culinary scene. When visiting the Zona G, here are a few of the most popular restaurants for locals and travelers alike to sample Colombia gastronomy:


Café Bar Universal:

This restaurant is casual and lively, and serves dishes that are not far from being haute cuisine in a space decorated with exquisite taste, and a charming collection of artworks. The restaurant offers its clients Sunday brunches from 10.30am. to 1pm. Dining here is a wonderful experience to share with friends and family.


Villanos en Bermudas:

This funky restaurant is a gastronomic paradise with a daring and daily-changing menu inspired by surprising combinations of classic Colombian ingredients. Its most popular dishes include combinations like langoustines, spicy banana broth and goat’s cheese, as well as stuffed zucchini with Jerusalem artichoke ice cream, and burnt white chocolate with green apple.


Lorenzo El Griego:

Bogotá loves to incorporate international flavors into its culinary scene, and this much-loved spot is home to a Greek and Mediterranean-inspired menu. Here you can try the most iconic Greek dishes, such as the gyros and baklavas, as well as kale salad with grilled vegetables, tomato, chickpeas and Greek yogurt. The pita bread and Greek yogurt are freshly made by the main chefs of the restaurant on a daily basis.



This restaurant is a pioneer in traditional Peruvian cuisine in the heart of the Zona G. The modern interior décor and lovely patio are the perfect place to enjoy a pisco sour, as well as the world famous lomo saltado.




Grazia is one of the best patisseries in Bogota, and it has won numerous awards for its delicious products. Grazia opens every morning to offer breakfast, lunch, pastries and fresh baked goods.

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Parque de la 93

Park 93 is a well-known and beautiful rectangular park in the north of the city surrounded by cafes, restaurants and shops. It is one of the most iconic places in Bogota for shopping, night clubs and restaurants. 

It is also perfect for a quick midday stroll with a Juan Valdez coffee or an evening out with a group of friends to enjoy renowned restaurants such as Café Renault, Osaki, and Cuzco.

Other more low key but extremely popular restaurants include Wok and Crepes and Waffles. Relatively close by, the restaurants Gaspar, Pajares and Gaira are great options too.



Further north, Usaquen has become a foodie hotspot, where upscale French bistros, Asian fusion eateries and garden cafes cluster around the Usaquen Plaza, the district’s focal point.

Usaquen not only attracts diners for its diversity of food across all price ranges, but also because of its colonial architecture amid the bustling modern city. Unmissable options for Colombia gastronomy here include Abasto (particularly for brunch) 80 Sillas, La Mar, Café Amarti and Bistronomy.

If all these options have stirred your appetite, there is no need to wait. All you need to do is sit down, grab a fork and take your taste buds on a journey of delight.

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