Room office is the trend that invites you to do remote work from the comfort of a hotel. Discover the best places in Colombia to do it.

Nowadays, doing remote work is more common than it seems. An activity that was previously reserved for business travelers, today is part of many people's daily lives. For this reason, traveling to different parts of the world to find comfortable places to work is one of the hottest new travel trends.

Due to the fact that the new hotel services include adequate rooms to provide the best remote work experiences for its guests, this trend has been called room office.

Room office and bleisure, two travel trends that you can experience in Colombia

There are many hotels in Colombia that have modified their facilities to provide the best experience when it comes to room office. But that’s not all, business travelers today have been enticed to other travel trends such as bleisure, a practice that involves extending the stay of your corporate trip to get to know the destination as a casual tourist.

Some of the advantages that hotels in Colombia offer for remote work are:

  • A space equipped with ergonomically suitable office furniture to carry out your work.
  • A special rate that can be handled for hours, days and weeks according to your itinerary.
  • Each room or suite has all the necessary technological amenities such as Wi-Fi services, 40 ”TV with HDMI connection, and some even have a printer.
  • A daily pass to access the gym and wet areas of the hotel.
  • Room service and the option of having a permanent coffee station with drinks and snacks to enjoy throughout the day.
  • Spa services from your room.
  • Personalized food from the chef, in the event that the guest requires it.
  • Option of accessing a room without a bed to be completely suitable as an office, for even greater concentration.

Now, let’s take a look at some destinations to consider as places to work in Colombia.

Remote work in Bogotá and enjoy the best of the city

Colorful streets in Bogotá. An ideal city for remote work.
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Walk the colorful streets of La Candelaria, one of the city's culinary areas.

Bogotá is the city that is also known as the gateway to South America. The capital of Colombia is an unmissable destination when visiting the country, as it offers a little bit of everything for touristsgastronomy, art, culture, and even nature and adventure activities in its surroundings.

Its great infrastructure and flight hubs make it the meeting point between locals and national and international tourists. In the same way, large hotel chains have settled in the capital to offer the best hospitality services and more than 30,000 rooms for a pleasant stay.

Some of the plans you can make for bleisure during your stay in Bogotá are:

  • Enjoy ecotourism a few hours from the city, climbing different types of mountains and appreciating the biodiversity of the country.
  • Take a tour in the eight gastronomic areas of the city and let yourself be conquered by the flavors of Colombian and international cuisine.
  • Visit some of the more than 40 museums that the city has. Among those, we recommend the Gold Museum, the Botero Museum and the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá (MAMBO).

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Room Office from Cartagena: enjoy the colonial charm of this colorful city

Two boats in the sea of the Rosario Islands. A place you can visit while doing remote work.
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Discover the Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo Islands National Natural Park during your stay in Cartagena.

Cartagena, also known as ‘La Heroica’, is one of the most visited cities in Colombia. Its colorful streets of colonial architecture, its supply of sunshine and beaches, and the charm of its cuisine - the flagship of the Colombian Caribbean - make it the ideal setting for all types of tourism, and even one of the places to work from. Moreover, it is an easily accessible city since just about everything is within 10 minutes by taxi: shopping centers, restaurants, the historic center, various tourist attractions, and more.

On the other hand, Cartagena has large traditional and non-traditional venues for holding high-impact events such as the Adolfo Mejía Theater and Casa 1537. It also has an impressive hotel infrastructure of large international chains that offer luxury services.

If you dream of visiting Cartagena to do remote work, these are the plans that we recommend:

  • Make mindful tourism plans such as diving, in dives of one or more days in the Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo Islands National Natural Park.
  • Admire the best of street art on a graffiti tour through the streets of the Getsemaní neighborhood and enjoy the neighborhood’s bohemian culture in its various restaurants.
  • Visit the National Aviary of Colombia and meet 170 species of birds through ecological trails where you will enjoy three different ecosystem environments.

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Santa Marta, the perfect coastal city for teleworking

A nature trail in Tayrona Park, one of the places you can visit when doing remote work.
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Enjoy ecotourism in the Tayrona National Natural Park..

This charming city, which is also part of the Colombian Caribbean, is one of the favorites of national and foreign tourists because of its proximity to the highest coastal mountain in the world: the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This makes it an ideal destination for nature and adventure tourism, as well as sun and beach activities.

Like Cartagena, Santa Marta has an excellent hotel infrastructure for business trips and various venues and non-traditional venues for holding impressive events such as the Mamancana Nature Reserve, the Quinta de Bolívar Hacienda and even the Santa Marta Marina. Additionally, it has a vibrant and varied tourist offer that  often makes it the perfect destination for incentive trips. Some of the most popular activities are bird watching and ecological walks to appreciate the diversity of fauna and flora of the region, canopy exploring, mountain biking, paragliding and rappelling.

The recommended plans to do in Santa Marta and its surroundings are:

  • Visit the Tairona Gold Museum in the Casa de la Aduana and enjoy a journey through time in one of the richest regions in cultural heritage, located inside a magnificently restored colonial house.
  • Go on a nature and adventure tour in Minca, one of the most wonderful destinations located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where you can take a cocoa tour or visit a coffee farm in the region.
  • Travel by sailboat through Bahía Concha, one of the many beaches in Tayrona National Natural Park. During the trip you can try water activities such as diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

Come and try doing room office in Bogotá, Santa Marta and Cartagena, so you can relax in the best hotels in our country and enjoy the incredible tourist activities that these destinations have in store. We look forward to your visit!