If you’re a photography lover and you enjoy seeking out unique spots, these sites are just made for you. Know here more about best places to visit in Colombia!

Behind the magic of Colombian tourism sites

In the heart of Bogota, in one of the most traditional neighbors in the country – La Candelaria-, and surrounded by street art, a charming Colombian spot is waiting.

Many will say that we’re talking about colonial architecture, or the graffiti that appears like monoliths on the walls, or the hidden Dali bust in the Museo Botero. However, the answer is not there.

marquet place full of fruit where vendor sells mango to tourists.

We know you love photos. So, we’ll take you to some powerful spots, scenes that feel like stills from a film revealing what’s behind Colombian magic.

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Best places to visit in Colombia as a photographer in private mode

There are thousands of places to discover in Colombia and surely many will be amazing enough to want to capture on camera. Now, how many are unknown? Discover their wonders by yourself.

The Colombian Pacific Coast

humpback whale jumping in the sea in bahia solano.

In this region, the main attractions live deep in the water. There are some who will reach a hundred years wandering the oceans and, between July and November, they swim near the shores of Colombia: we’re talking about humpback whales.

With their song they attract travelers and with their jumps, they draw the flashes and clicks of cameras. But not so fast – If you want to register their beauty, you might need a telephoto lens able to capture their beauty quietly. You don’t want to scare them away because they travel thousands of miles from Antarctica just to mate in the warmth of Colombian waters.

In this trip you’ll discover more than whales. Like a treasure hunt, you’ll have to take great steps to reach the whales. First, you must go to these three sites:

  • Bahia Malaga
  • Nuqui
  • Gorgona

In any of these three tourist sites in Colombia you will be able to see the whales passing through. Your journey will allow you to discover other jewels of the region, like the Embera, Waunan, and Eperara-Shapidara indigenous peoples. Ancient groups with simple ways of life that you can get to know and register in your photos.

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The Amazon: one of the best sites to visit in Colombia

pink dolphin in the amazon river.

The Amazon doesn’t need an introduction. One of the most exuberant places in the world, the inspiration of hundreds of stories.

Travel South of Colombia to the city of Leticia, and discover its warm, loving locals. Indigenous people with unique traditions. Keep exploring on your way, and taking pictures, until you reach Santander Square.

With a traditional architecture, this site lets you discover its people, and cuisine, worthy of your best pictures. However, if you arrive at 5pm you will hear squawks coming from the sky and, in that moment, your camera will not be able to stop clicking.

Macaws, speaking amongst them, visiting humans. Right then and there, with the sunset over Leticia, they pose to share a moment with people and let them know a secret: if you travel through the Amazon River, seek the “toninas”.

In Colombia, dolphins are pink, and they live in rivers. It’s not magic, or myth, it’s a reality that makes the Amazon River a hidden treasure, perfect for the best photographs.

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Quebrada La Vieja, Eastern Colombian Andes

moor with frailejon plants and mountains.

In recognized tourism sites in Colombia, you’ll no doubt find Monserrate, a church built at the top of the eastern mountain range. A good place to take pictures but perhaps too well known by most visitors.

Near the heart of Bogota, the foot of the hills leads up the mountain range. In between the chaos of traffic, the sounds of pedestrians and the racket of the capital, there is a secret passageway taking you to Quebrada La Vieja.

At 71 street with Circunvalar Ave. you begin your adventure. From the start you’ll find the chance to take amazing pictures. You’ll cross a tunnel full of moss, with a small river that inspires you to keep exploring.

The ascending path will let you take pictures of nature and, if you reach your final destination, far from the start, after the viewpoint, you’ll discover an exotic moor with frailejon plants that seem to sing in total silence.

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Caño Cristales

If Colombia had a movie poster, Caño Cristales could be the picture on the design. This is an extraordinary spot totally worth the visit. But is the multicolored river the only thing to do in the area?

Caño Cristales is hiding in the Sierra de la Macarena, located in the Colombian Amazon-Orinoco. A charming site that reveals its beauty to you at first sight. However, around there are many attractions worth registering.

Before letting yourself fall in love with Caño Cristales, enjoy a majestic sunset by the Guayabero River. Its color, despite not being red or purple, offers an amazing contrast to the green of the trees that guard it.

In that same journey, you’ll want to register the beauty of the waterfalls, as you move along the path of Caño Cristales.

What are your favorite tourism sites in Colombia?

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