Colombia’s warmth comes from our people and our regions will bring unique experiences to the guests your business travel, corporate events, or incentive travel winners.

Business tourism in Colombia has the advantages of happening in the second most biodiverse country in the world, and also in the one that makes you feel just like home. Discover our promise of value about business travel, corporate events, conventions, and incentive trips, and why you should consider them in a country with a warm culture like ours.

Business tourism when conferences and conventions need a unique reception.

Colombia will receive the attendees of your corporate events, not only with a pleasant climate but with all the warmth that characterizes the culture of our people: making them feel at home.

According to the latest ranking of the International Association of Congresses and Conventions ICCA, in 2019 Colombia ranks in the top 30 worldwide in terms of destinations that hold the most events annually. Regarding Latin America, three Colombian cities stood out in the top 10 destinations that organize the most meetings:

A bright aerial image of downtown Bogotá at sunset. Discover business tourism in the capital.
Photo by Javier Crespo

Enjoy business tourism in the capital of Colombia.

  • Bogotá: The capital of Colombia has one of the most modern infrastructures with the highest capacity for high-impact events. The city has more than 50 venues for holding all kinds of meetings.

  • Cartagena: Also known as ‘La Heroica’, this jewel of universal heritage has excellent connectivity due to its privileged location in the country and the continent. In the same way, its pleasant Caribbean climate will be the best welcome for the attendees and guests of your corporate events.

  • Medellín: One of the most famous cities in Colombia thanks to the warmth that characterizes the paisas (people from the regions of Antioquia, Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío), who are recognized for being the best hosts in the country. Besides, it is also called ‘The City of Eternal Spring’ for its pleasant climate throughout the year.

Surprise your team with a trip to an enchanting place

When a work team has the goal of delivering the best results in its area, the best motivation is to encourage them with one of the many incentive travel options you can find in Colombia.

The country of culture of warmth will welcome travelers with unique experiences, led by the best hosts in each region. The joy that characterizes the Colombian people will make your team feel that our cities are like home, the varied gastronomy of the country will delight their palates with spectacular flavors alongside vibrant musical rhythms that will accompany the marvelous experiences that Colombia offers. Such as:

A diver photographs a turtle under the blue sea during his business travel.
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Discover all the adventures that await for you while diving in San Andrés.

  • Cali: Mostly known as ‘The World Capital of Salsa’there is no better place to provide a dance experience of this warm tropical rhythm that awakens the senses. Also, you can complement this experience with a wonderful show just a few hours from the city: the sighting of humpback whales in the Colombian Pacific Ocean.

  • Coffee Cultural Landscape: Formed by the regions of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindío, this territory, in addition to being declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity, is the ideal place to carry out unique experiences. You can enjoy lunch at a real coffee farm and even take part in a molecular coffee tasting.

  • Archipelago of San Andrés and Providencia: One of the best experiences that you can offer your team is to dive amid the biodiversity of the famous 'Sea of Seven Colors'which is part of the UNESCO Seaflower Biosphere Reserve due to the high concentration of species of fauna and flora to admire and preserve.

The warmth of your events in Colombia will be unique

There are many check points needed to ensure the success of an event. The venue, its capacity, the right cuisine for meals, the audiovisual production and the professionalism of the industry. These are some of the most important variables when it comes to holding a high-impact event such as those held in Colombia. The warmth of our destinations and the people involved in every detail of the production is just the extra ingredient that ensures the wonderful experiences of your attendees.

Some destinations in Colombia that you can consider to hold your corporate events are:

The white sand beach and lush vegetation is ideal for taking a break during your business travel.
Photo by Micha Weber

Take a break during your trip on the wonderful beaches of Tayrona Park.

  • Santa Marta: It is a coastal city with a unique charm. It is the place in Colombia where you will discover mountain ecotourism and unique beaches at the same time. For this reason, you will find non-traditional venues for your events, such as nature reserves that mix both ecosystems.

  • Villa de Leyva: One of the most beautiful towns in Colombia that stands out for having one of the largest town squares in South America, with an area of 14,000 square meters; a spectacular space to hold the opening or closing of your corporate events. In addition, your guests will be able to stay in the wonderful colonial hotels in town and enjoy the excellent gastronomic offer of this destination that even includes a vineyard!

  • Bucaramanga: Better known as 'The City of Parks' due to the large number of green spaces it has, it is a destination recognized for its excellent geographical location, providing it with both a pleasant climate and non-traditional venues for hosting high-impact events. For this reason, and because of its infrastructure, it has been chosen for sports world championships. Furthermore, your guests can enjoy extreme sports on the outskirts of the city

Without a doubt, whether it is for business travel, incentive trips or corporate events, Colombia is the all-inclusive destination that you should consider. Provide your team the best experiences full of warmth, not only because of our weather, but because our people. An experience that you can only enjoy here.