Colombia is a unique country in biodiversity, where the variety of destinations and activities that can be done in contact with nature requires a stay long enough to truly explore the various regions of our geography. One of them is Rafting in the Amazon.

The truth is, anyone who doesn't know the south of the country has a very limited perception of what Colombian territory and culture truly encompass.  

Thus, the Amazon is a paradise that opens up to the world with its dense jungle, its strong and countless rivers, its multiple indigenous communities, and its unforgettable places. Today, this region emerges as the queen of world nature, and getting to know it is an extreme experience, never dreamed of by adventurers with the highest expectations.

There are many ways to get to know and enjoy this region of Colombia, composed of the departments of Caquetá, Putumayo, Guainía, Guaviare, Vaupés, and Amazonas. One of them can be the exciting practice of Rafting in the Amazon.

Tourists rafting in the Colombian Amazon on a crystal-clear river
Photo: ProColombia

This wide and dense plain, located between the Andes mountain range, the Amazon jungle, and the Eastern Plains, offers more than ten different National Natural Parks and boasts the imposing presence of the Amazon River, the longest and most voluminous river in the world, whose watershed also shares the top spot worldwide for the number of rivers that accompany and nourish it. An ideal space for Rafting in the Amazon.

If you are a nature lover and an extreme adventure enthusiast, touring these lands by navigating the rivers is the experience you should include in your next vacation.  

Rivers like "El Pato" in San Vicente del Caguán; and Orteguaza and Fragua in Caquetá offer the option to navigate, rafting in the middle of a region that boasts more than six hundred species of terrestrial and aquatic animals with their respective families, around two thousand species of birds, and more than one hundred thirty thousand species of flora.  

Navigating through this "lung of the world" connects humans with the strength and immensity of the planet and the intimate sound of the jungle, an exercise that exceeds the expectations of all travelers.

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To travel to each destination, it is necessary to make an air connection from Bogotá to the capital of each Department and ensure beforehand that they have certified tour operators. Similarly, make sure that the services are available at the time of year you plan to travel.

Companies certified by SENA, the International Rafting Federation, and supported by the United Nations are available to showcase the natural beauty of the Amazon rivers.  

The most incredible places to go Rafting in the Amazon

Rafting in Caquetá

To go rafting in Caquetá, you can fly to Florencia or San Vicente del Caguán. From there, you travel to San Vicente del Caguán and San José del Fragua. Some of the most important spots for this activity are the Pato, Fragua Chorroso, and Orteguaza Rivers, which have rapids ranging from class 1 to 5, depending on the visitor's experience level.

In other places, they become narrow and tight, passing through fantastic creeks that are home to thousands of bird species. Caves, waterfalls, pools, and many other unforgettable places are part of these routes. With a difficulty level of 4, it's a risky adventure with uncontrollable force rapids among huge rock formations, where the adrenaline rush is a compelling fact.  

Several tourists rafting on the Amazon River, seeing its extent and strong currents
Photo: ProColombia

Rafting in Putumayo

Very close to Mocoa, the capital of Putumayo, you can experience nature and enjoy an authentic adventure of rappelling and rafting on the Mocoa River, with a difficulty level of 3. 

On a route of three to four kilometers, you can live this exciting experience, guided by professional guides and top-notch equipment. Near Villagarzón, there is also the possibility to do this sport at the Cascada del Fin del Mundo, one of the most impressive places in our geography.  

And you can't miss a visit to the Ojo de Dios, an impactful site where you can enjoy calm waters surrounded by the dense nature of the region.

Rafting in Guainía

The department with the world's greatest water wealth offers numerous rivers of different colors to explore and experience on a raft. From Inírida, different routes are taken to enter the mighty waters of the Orinoco, Inírida, Guaviare, Atabapo, and Negro rivers.  

All of them have strong water currents and large volumes, which meet at the famous Estrella Fluvial de Oriente, a dreamlike landscape for a day of adventure. 

The Cerros de Mavecure are a destination that guarantees the thrill of rafting and canoeing between the three monumental hills or tepuis, whose peaks can be climbed to see the vastness of the jungle like a giant green carpet.

Rafting in Guaviare

The Guaviare River crosses the capital of the department - San José del Guaviare - and reaches the departments of Meta, Guainía, and Vichada. 

It delineates the regions of the Orinoco with that of the Amazon and witnesses the ancestral cradle of numerous indigenous tribes such as the Guayaberos, Nukaks, Puinaves, Tiniguas, and Sikuanis among others.  

Navigating this imposing mass of brown water, not only do you practice adventure sports, but you also observe the beautiful natural and cultural landscapes that live on its banks. A place of great natural wealth awaits you, where you can see toninas or pink dolphins. 

Rafting in Vaupés

179 kilometers by air from Mitú, the capital of Vaupés, lies Taraira, the town to reach to encounter the mighty Jijirimo waterfall. 

This torrent of water forms on the Apaporis River when it meets immense stones that unleash the fury of the great mass of water. With a biodiversity that includes more than 2,300 species of flora and fauna, this territory is considered sacred by more than 20 indigenous communities, some of which come out to welcome travelers to ensure that the visit enriches the cultural exchange. Undoubtedly, one of the favorite destinations for Rafting in the Amazon.

Rafting in the Amazon

From Leticia, it is possible to embark on an adventure expedition on the longest and most voluminous river on the planet, which flows through four countries: Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. With this length, adventurers will find all levels of difficulty and also the option to navigate calmly in kayaks through the river veins that penetrate the immensity of the jungle to enjoy a natural life spectacle seen only in this part of the world.

Tourist enjoying rafting in the Colombian Amazon on a clear but slightly fast river
Photo: ProColombia

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The best conditions for Rafting in the Amazon

In a warm and humid climate, the experience of descending the countless rivers of the Amazon not only ensures a fun time but also intertwines with a cultural enrichment, where ancestral communities showcase all their wisdom through the medicinal benefits provided by this jungle full of endemic birds, waterfalls, natural pools, breathtaking landscapes with abundant flora and fauna.  

Remember that rain can appear at any moment, so don't forget to bring your swamp boots, a raincoat, sunscreen, a camera, and a swimsuit.  

A trip with the experience of rafting in the Amazon will be remembered forever.