The Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has several unique locations where visitors can delve into the region's history and partake in the traditions surrounding Colombian coffee production and consumption. Santander, renowned for producing some of the country's finest coffees, is just a trip away. To embark on a delightful journey through these two regions, we have curated a list of five hotels that offer an immersive experience for all your senses. These coffee farms provide the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself and gain firsthand knowledge of why Colombia is one of the world's leading coffee producers.

Finca del Café, Santa Rosa de Cabal (Risaralda) 

Finca del Café viewpoint, Risaralda, Colombia
 Photo taken from @fincadelcafe 


Finca del Café hotel is a unique destination that provides an array of unforgettable experiences, just 10 minutes from the heart of Santa Rosa de Cabal and 30 minutes from Pereira. Guests can take part in a guided coffee tour and indulge in the aroma of coffee from the farm’s own sustainable plantations, set in the stunning scenery of the Coffee Cultural Landscape.

The farm has a rich history of coffee production, with local farmers taking care of the variety of trees that decorate the landscape. One of the highlights of the farm is the three-story viewpoint made of guadua, offering a breathtaking 360º view of Manizales, Palestina, Santa Rosa de Cabal, and the snow-capped mountains of Nevado del Ruiz and Santa Isabel. Families from the coffee region, and from all over the country, flock to this popular spot to admire the location’s beauty and treat themselves with some of the most distinctive dishes of the area.

Finca del Café hotel caters to a range of visitors, providing spaces that are perfect for weddings, conventions, events, incentive activities, and more. The hotel's unique charm and character add a special touch to any occasion. Guests can also enjoy the views, tranquility, and comfort of an exclusive hotel that blends smoothly with nature, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy the coffee tradition. 

Hacienda Combia, Calarcá (Quindío) 

Hacienda Combia main house, Quindío, Colombia
Photo taken by Combia Inspiración SAS


Located just 30 minutes away from Armenia, a popular tourist destination in the Colombian coffee region, you’ll find Hacienda Combia hotel. This place has all the modern comforts and theclassic style and tradition of the region's old homes, granting guests an immersive experience.

One of the highlights of Hacienda Combia is its interactive coffee route, which takes visitors through 10 stations, allowing them to experience the aromas, flavors, and elements of the coffee farm's natural surroundings. The hotel's facilities offer stunning views of the mountains and the coffee landscapes. Guests can partake in exclusive activities focused on coffee tasting and relaxation, making Hacienda Combia one of the best places to awaken the senses and develop a love for Colombian coffee.

Casa Rivera del Cacao, Córdoba (Quindío) 

Casa Rivera del Cacao main house, Quindío, Colombia
Photo taken from Casa Rivera del Cacao gallery 


Casa Rivera del Cacao began as a French-Colombian entrepreneurship with a “tree to bar” experience, that is, from the tree to the chocolate bar, where visitors can taste the quality of the organic cacao of origin that grows in the farm. This project, promoted by French pastry chef Thierry Mulhaupt, produces some of the best organic and fine aroma cocoas, with five of its varieties having been recognized as cocoa of excellence at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

The farm is part of the routes of the Coffe Cultural Landcape and has all you need to enjoy the typical flavors of the region, accentuated with some French touches. Apart from cocoa, the farm also offers coffee and tea tours that allow visitors to witness their production processes. The farm is just 35 minutes away from the Armenia El Eden International Airport and an hour from Pereira, making it an easily accessible location.

Visitors can enjoy cocoa therapies, indulge in tastings, go horseback riding, bird watching, or take a tour in a traditional Willys Jeep to experience the region's local means of transportation and immerse themselves in the tradition of the coffee region. To this day, farmers continue to use these types of vehicles to transport large amounts of coffee across the mountainous terrains.

Hacienda el Roble: Mesa de los Santos (Santander) 

Hacienda el Roble, Santander, Colombia
 Photo taken by Rubén González 


The country’s coffee map has grown over the years, so today it is possible to find even more areas that preserve the qualities of the coffee bean.  Santanderone of the cradles of coffee in Colombia, has been recognized and awarded worldwide for its exceptional quality production. Also, the farm invites its visitors to actively learn about the history and importance of the bean to the economy of the country. So, if you're looking for a unique and educational experience, Hacienda El Roble is worth a visit.

The Hacienda has 320 hectares of coffee under the shade and offers a variety of activities for its visitors, including a coffee tour, where you can taste some of the 72 coffee varieties grown by the farm, and a bird-friendly coffee safari, which allows you to observe over 170 bird species, migratory and local, in their natural habitat. 

In addition to these activities, Hacienda El Roble also offers its facilities for events like weddings and conventions. The farm reflects the iconic colonial architecture of the region and has a panoramic view of the Chicamocha Canyon, making it a stunning location for any event, even for incentive activities. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the exquisite coffee station and taste the authentic flavors from Hacienda El Roble. These are inspired by the traditional Santander’ haute cuisine, giving the food its distinctive taste, which is achieved by using traditional wood stoves.

Finca Buenos Aires: Villanueva  - Barichara (Santander) 

Hotel Finca Buenos Aires, Santander, Colombia
Photo taken from @hotelfincabuenosaires 


Finca Buenos Aires is an ecological and self-sustaining hotel, located just an hour away from  Chimamocha National Park, only 10 minutes from Barichara and 14 kilometers from San Gil. The hotel's coffee farm spreads across 20 hectares, with five hectares dedicated to ancestral coffee cultivation. Visitors can experience eco hikes and activities emphasizing the coffee experience while witnessing the coffee-making process and tasting its uniqueness. The hotel also offers cycling activities on its track in the midst of the forest. 

The hotel's ecological construction approach ensures responsible water use. It also offers rooms with beautiful wood details, red stone, and tiles with more than 100 years of history. In addition, deluxe glampings are available for couples seeking unique experiences.

These Colombian coffee farms are a testament to the country’s well-deserved reputation as one of the world’s leading coffee producers. These farms offer their visitors the opportunity to not only witness the coffee-making process but also immerse themselves in the region's rich cultural and natural heritage. With their unique architecture, breathtaking views, and interactive activities these hotel-farms are must-visit locations for coffee lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. We invite you to come and experience the coffee tradition while falling in love with these places, their people, and the cultural landscape of each region. 

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