Kitesurfing: the force of the wind and water 

Kitesurf in Calima Lake, Valle del Cauca, Colombia  


You get rid of the anger, the hunger, the sleepiness, one forgets about everything… It’s like flying”, says Christina, Cartagena based Swiss journalist and a fan of this sport. Slide above the water pushed by the force of the wind on a kite, or kitesurf, it is an activity that has gained popularity in Colombia. The country counts with 10 moths of winds, the perfect swell and more than 15 places where you can practice kitesurfing. This makes Colombia one of the favorite destinations worldwide for everyone interested and that is why we want to recommend you some spots that you cannot miss if you want to feel the real rush:  

Barranquilla: in this city of the department of Atlántico the winds can reach a velocity between 15 and 35 knots from December to May. Among the top places to practice this sport are Punta Astillero, Puerto Mocho, Puerto Velero and Salinas del Rey. The last one is just 30 minutes away from Barranquilla and it was chosen the past March to be the host of the GKA Freestyle-Kite World Cup of 2023. 

La Guajira: in this department, located in the northeast of the Caribbean region, you can enjoy both desert and ocean in the same place. The winds vary between 25 and more than 35 knots. To practice kitesurf, you can go to Punta Gallinas, Manaure, Pusheo (the windiest spot in all of Colombia), Cabo de la Vela, Mayapo and Riohacha.  

Valle del Cauca: for its location in the Colombian Pacific, it is important that everyone that wishes to adventure there uses wetsuits, specifically for the low temperatures of the water. Beyond that, the velocity of the wind oscillates between 15 and 25 knots. The more desired spot for those with less experience is the Calima Lake, especially because the difficulty varies between medium and low.  

Boyacá: this department is only two hours away from Bogotá in the north oriental center of the country. The wind velocity can vary between 10 and 25 knots and the best months to go are December and January. If you want to enjoy one of the most desired spots for the local kite surfers you can go to Chivor, which has a difficulty between low and medium.  

Feel the waves while surfing  

Surf in Tayrona National Park, Colombia  


To play with the waves, to focus on the perfect turn and achieve the whished maneuver, that is what Surf is about: a sport in which the concentration is key and to maintain the balance is necessary. To practice it you just need some nice waves and a surfboard, short, medium or long, it just depends on your style.  

Once a year the Colombian Surf Federation organize the National Surfing Competition with the help of other two expert institutions in the field. Among the best spots to go surfing are:  

Nuquí: Terquito beach and the coast of Cabo Corrientes, Pico de Loror, Pela Pela, Juan Tornillo and El Derrumbe.  

Santa MartaThe Tayrona National Natural Park where you can find the Mendihuaca beach.  

Cartagena: La Boquilla, Castillo Grande, Las Velas, Las Tenazas and Playa Blanca. The last one is located on Barú Island.   

Face the force of the river or the calm of the water in your Kayak  

Cayo Cangrejo, Providencia Island, Colombia 


Kayaking is perfect to live the pure adrenaline in the rapids or to sail calmly in the sea. The idea of this sport is to take advantage of the stream of water to maneuver the canoe and sail with the help of the paddles.  

In the rapids, the idea is to sail against the stream of water, challenge it and maintain the balance in the face of the different strikes of the water. In plain waters, kayaking is practiced with boats of different size, the idea is to sail in the sea or in some lakes. Some rivers in Colombia where you can practice this sport are: 

San Gil: Fonce River.  

Tobia: Negro River. 

SantanderChicamocha River. 

Huila: Magdalena River.  

Admire the colors of the sea while snorkeling  

Feeding fish in San Andrés, Colombia


Imagine swimming under water and look around all the native flora and fauna: you can experience such amazing sensation in person while practicing snorkeling. This activity consists of swimming around above water using a mask and a snorkel that allows you to breath calmly while you delight with the view. In Colombia you can practice snorkeling in places like:  

Providencia: in this isle you can enjoy the sea of seven colors, coral reefs and more than 400 marine species.  

Santa Marta: in The Tayrona National Natural Park, in the beach called la Piscina, you will find and ideal place to see turtles and a bast variety of fishes.  

Cartagena: in Barú you can enjoy some soft and white sand and crystalline water along a diversity of fishes.   

Enjoy a new experience while being on a paddle board

Paddle boarding in Santa Marta, Colombia 


Paddle Board can be enjoyed by anyone. It can be easily practiced with surfboards or inflatable paddle boards, which are easily transported, and with the help of some paddles you can sail wherever you want. The key to success in this sport is to have concentration, balance and some strength.  

It is not hard to find places to practice paddle board as you only need some calm waters. However, here you can find some perfect places in Colombia for you to go:  

Coveñas: Ciénaga de la Caimanera, where the nature will amaze you and where also you will be able to see different animals in their natural habitat.  

Antioquia: El Peñol, a place with amazing weather and a landscape that will take your breath away.  

Santa Marta: in Don Diego River you can find a bast amount of flora and fauna that is native to that specific region.  

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