A very touristy place is Baru, a peninsula, often called an island, which is bounded by the bay of Cartagena, the Dique Canal and the Caribbean Sea. It is famous for its white and pink sands, as well as for its crystalline water that allows you to see the bottom and many colorful fish. Nearby there are mangrove swamps, water mirrors and underwater gardens.

Bird watching and adventure sports are very popular activities. It is one of the favorite destinations for tourists visiting Cartagena de Indias in Colombia, as it is only 45 minutes away by boat. Its beautiful landscapes, turquoise water and incredible beaches make the whole world fall in love. Most of the beaches are private, Playa Blanca is the only public beach. 

Enjoy your holidays in Baru Island! A magical and exotic place that makes parter of the National Natural Park Los Colares del Rosario and San Bernardo.

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How to get to Baru Island?

The access to the island can be done by water, crossing the Bay of Cartagena. You can go on the daily boat and yacht tours that leave from Islas del Rosario; you must go to the tourist pier in the city.

Or by land, by vehicle, crossing the Canal del Dique in a planchón or ferry. Until 2014, the only way to cross it was by sea, or its variants. It was in that year when the "Barú Bridge" was inaugurated, which turned it into an easily accessible island for locals and visitors.

What to do in this peninsula of Cartagena?

The island is a perfect tourist destination for all kinds of plans, whether with family, friends or as a couple. You can make plans for adventure or relaxation, appreciate nature and enjoy the waves, fishing, diving or snorkeling, among other activities.

If you are in Baru, Colombia, you cannot miss Puntilla Beach, one of its main beaches, where you can enjoy a warm tropical climate, soft waves and white sand. You can also go snorkeling or diving, because you will see a variety of colorful fish and other marine animals swimming among the corals.

Another activity you can enjoy, if you prefer adventure is Jet Skiing & Flysurfing, driving around the beaches and appreciate the Coral Islands National Natural Park, one of the most impressive natural parks in Colombia, which occupies much of the peninsula. Perfect to enjoy nature and watch exotic species, because there is the National Aviary of Colombia, famous for its extensive exhibition of birds and green areas.

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And in short, you must try the exquisite food typical of the coast, which are a delicacy, specifically talking about the island dishes. Try Baru Island lobster, coconut rice and patacones; or a delicious shrimp ceviche. 

Travel to Baru and enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cartagena, Colombia.